Join The Draught Board

Whether you've been brewing for years or are just starting out, The Draught Board is the club for you. There are a number of advantages to becoming a member of the Draught Board.

Just some of the great benefits included with membership are.

Competitions- The ability to enter club only competitions and the opportunity to host and participate in club sponsored competitions.
Guest Speakers- Listen to various experts talk about issues that can improve your brewing.
Experienced brewers to help you improve your brew
Trips and Tours- Breweries, Yeast factories, Distilleries, Pub Crawls, Club Picnic and Christmas party.
Discounts- on brewing supplies on meeting days
Beer judging- Refine your palate and get feedback from club members on your brewing efforts.
Training groups for Beer appreciation. Study for the BJCP to become a certified beer judge.
Access- to the clubs library and equipment
The cost of membership is $20 per year for an individual members and $30 for a family.
Starting January 1,2002 all members get a email address.
The only other thing we ask you to bring is your enthusiasm for brewing and participation.




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Individual Membership $20Yearly
Family Membership $30Yearly

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