The Draught Board is an AHA recognized club, and it is one of the oldest Homebrew Clubs in existence after being founded by the late Jim Weathers and his wife Georgia in the early 1970's. Lee Coe, who was one of the original members of the club, worked with Senator Alan Cranston to enact the first legislation that led to the legalization of home brewing in California. Over the years the Draught Board has evolved and grown, but it remains a small club that consists of many long time members who have over thirty years of brewing experience, along with a number of dedicated newcomers who are just starting out.

The Draught Board draws it's membership from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, although the majority of us are from the East Bay. We are always looking for new members, and we welcome anyone regardless of their level of expertise to join us in the craft of brewing beer.

The Draught Board meets at 2pm

on the second Saturday of every month at

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2315 Verna Ct. • San Leandro, CA

Our goal as a club is to promote homebrewing and the appreciation of Beers, Ciders

and Meads through a program of education, competitions, tastings and social activities.

Every month, we feature a different beer style at our meetings.

The style for June is:

We typically sample numerous examples

of the featured style during our meetings, along with home brews and guest beers.

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German Beers

Our club has a challenge four times a year where members brew with an ingredient chosen by the winner.

Our next challenge is:


All entries will be judged at the upcoming meeting in July.

Lou & Cathy won the last challenge

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There is no meeting in May due to BABO.  Our next meeting is on Saturday, June 9, 2018

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